City Bo company talent concept:
Only to be used, the only virtue reuse;
There is only one, to reuse;
There is no German, training and appointment;
Talent without virtue, limit use;
No virtue, no need;
Everyone is a talent, not race horses;
Use long, one short;
Use of the existing talents, stabilize key talent, attract talents, reserve talents for the future;
To respect people's moral, the importance of human wisdom;
Recognize the value of people, cherish people's feelings;
The maintenance of human dignity, to improve the quality of people;
All the staff of enterprises are precious priceless wealth.
Working environment:
The company is committed to provide a comfortable and beautiful office environment, the establishment of easy comfortable working range for employees.
Salary and welfare:
To comply with the provisions of the law, employees enjoy social insurance treatment, compensation reference cities above the medium level, to establish a highly competitive salary system.
Occupation training:
Different training system and plans for the development of new and old employees, including new staff in vocational training, on-the-job training, professional skills training, psychological training, professional quality and skills upgrading training to meet different staff development and career needs.
The development of space:
The grass-roots workers: primary professional intermediate professionals -- senior professionals, the Department in charge of department manager, department director
Middle management staff: Department: Department Manager, director, partner